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Healthcare Strategy Group offers hospitals and health systems a comprehensive approach to physician integration. From building market power and financial strength to preparing for value-based care, we can help you define your strategy, implement that strategy and manage your physician network short or long-term. We guarantee results and deliver the greatest value as a trusted member of your team. For the past five years, we’ve been named to Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest-growing, privately-held U.S. companies and repeat business accounts for 75 percent of our annual sales, a testament to the value we provide our clients.

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Mutual Success

The six steps below are necessary to reach the pyramid's apex of Clinical Integration and Mutual Success. And Healthcare Strategy Group can provide you with analysis, insights and actionable plans every step of the way.

Integrate & Leverage

Reaching mutual hospital-physician success under healthcare reform requires a best practice approach to:

  • Improved Care Processes
  • Changing Physician Behavior
  • Engaging in Risk-Based Contracting, to take those capabilities to market and leverage your investment

Building a Common Vision & Culture

Building a common vision and culture means:

  • Developing Physician Leaders who understand clinical issues and are committed to improving quality
  • Developing a Culture with established Behavioral Norms and holding physicians accountable for following them

Physician Employment

Building a high-performing physician network requires:

Economic Alignment

These six economic alignment tools promote physician loyalty and align physician behaviors with your organization's goals:

Physician Manpower Planning

A carefully-thought-out physician manpower plan includes

  • Physician Recruitment Plan
  • Primary Care Strategy
  • Specialty Physician Strategy
  • Financial Plan examining the impact of physician alignment strategies on hospital/health system revenue
  • Referral Retention Strategy


Your strategic plan is your roadmap for success and should include:

  • Service Line Priorities
  • Geographic Priorities
  • Payer Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Physician Alignment Strategy
  • Financial Strategy for profitability and capital expenditures
  • Affiliation Strategy, which determines your need to affiliate with other providers for service line success and/or long-term financial viability.
mutual success clinical integration building common physician employment economic alignment medical staff physician manpower

Our Client Value Promise

We promise to listen closely to your needs and apply our broad industry experience and critical thinking skills to craft workable solutions to position your organization for sustained growth, profitability and success.