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Published eight times a year, Healthcare Strategy Group’s Physician Strategy News® highlights trends in hospital/physician relationships and effective strategies for growing and managing those relationships.

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Aligned Compensation: Excerpts from “67 Tips for Developing a High-Performing Physician Network”

November 2014

Physician compensation is the largest cost in the practice. It must be used to align physician behavior with the actions needed to make the system successful. Controlling that evolution over time is and will remain a challenge, and requires active management and physician involvement. Tip 60: Compensation plans must reinforce the results required for success. […]

Developing a PHO: 6 Key Considerations

November 2014

Payment and insurance reform have driven hospital/physician alignment over the past few years. With hospitals and physicians increasingly being held accountable for each other’s actions, the need for tighter integration has grown. The result: a spike in Physician-Hospital Organization (PHO) activity, with hospitals and health systems reviving PHOs that have languished since the ‘90s or […]

Get Your Free Copy of HFMA’s Final Report on Rethinking Physician Strategies in a World of Value-Based Care

November 2014

In February of this year, Healthcare Strategy Group became the sponsor of HFMA’s Value Project Phase 3: Rethinking Physician Strategies in a World of Value-Based Care. The project was designed to answer: What are the most effective methods to align physicians and health systems to common cost reduction and quality improvement goals? What factors should […]

How Many Primary Care Physicians Do You Really Need?

November 2014

Executing a primary care strategy that provides the right number of primary care providers is critical to the success of your employed provider network. Traditional physician manpower planning models are often used to assess primary care demand. These models are based on population ratios and can provide effective information regarding the right number of primary […]

How Does Your Employed Physician Network Stack Up? Find Out with our Free Online Diagnostic Tool!

November 2014

Healthcare Strategy Group has parlayed our 15-plus years of hospital-physician integration experience into a powerful, proprietary tool to assess your employed physician network’s operational strengths and weaknesses. Our new Physician Network Diagnostic Tool not only pinpoints problem areas, it forces you to examine big-picture issues such as: Your infrastructure’s ability to support more physicians Your […]

5 Good Reasons NOT to Buy a Physician Practice

November 2014

With the rising costs of operating a practice, competition, and emergence of Accountable Care Organizations, it’s no surprise that physicians are seeking employment and hospitals are answering the call. However, hospitals need to be sure proper due diligence is performed to ensure mutual long-term success. The following areas are especially important when considering physician employment […]

What’s Happening at Healthcare Strategy Group?

October 2014

New Staff: Becky Wiggins SENIOR CONSULTANT (502) 814-1192 Senior Consultant Rebecca G. “Becky” Wiggins has 25 years of physician practice management experience and has held management-level positions at Pathology and Cytology Labs; Health Associates of Kentucky MSO; Cardiology Associates of Kentucky; and most recently, KentuckyOne Health Medical Group, all in Lexington, Ky. Her special […]

What Your Doctors Need to Know About: Healthcare Reform in 2015

October 2014

With 2015 comes another batch of issues with the Affordable Care Act. This article hits the highlights with a focus on the implication for doctors. Exchange sign-ups restart November 15. Expect another spate of angst. While confusion should be lower, it will not be zero. One area of confusion, and a major deficiency in the […]

Quality: Excerpt from “67 Tips for a High-Performing Physician Network”

October 2014

Improving care processes and outcomes has never been more important as reimbursement systems and incentives change. Your employed group is the vehicle that can help you drive change throughout your system. Creating a network built on quality is the lynchpin of value-based reimbursement. That means defined clinical performance and customer service standards, and putting quality […]

Setting Up a Physician Advisory Council

October 2014

As essential components of employed physician networks, Physician Advisory Councils enhance organizational performance by promoting: Active physician involvement, Effective two-way communication, and Physician leadership development for the network. Council Composition Ideal Physician Advisory Council membership composition varies according to the employed physician network’s size and complexity. Provider membership should be relatively inclusive to: Achieve the […]

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