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Published eight times a year, Healthcare Strategy Group’s Physician Strategy News® highlights trends in hospital/physician relationships and effective strategies for growing and managing those relationships.

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This concise, but thought-provoking publication focuses on strategies that will help hospital and health system executives respond effectively to and take advantage of changes in the healthcare industry and marketplace.

Archived Newsletter Articles

HFMA Value Project: Rethinking Physician Strategies in a World of Value-Based Care

Matt Ullum, August 2014

The Healthcare Financial Management Association’s (HFMA’s) Value Project is designed to help healthcare organizations successfully make the transition to a value-based healthcare system by: Defining the practices of providers who are leading the way toward a value-based healthcare system Describing the primary capabilities that healthcare organizations will need to develop in the areas of people […]

Infrastructure: Excerpts from “67 Tips for Developing a High-Performing Physician Network”

John Hill, Matt Ullum, August 2014

Failure to invest in infrastructure has created more red ink in employed practices than any other single issue. The problems are two-fold: having the right people in the right positions and having the necessary resources to support practice operations. Operational leadership – plus IT, HR, accounting and finance, revenue cycle and purchasing – should be […]

Health Systems: Six Steps to Developing a System-Wide Primary Care Strategy

Travis Ansel, August 2014

As the healthcare industry continues to consolidate, many healthcare systems are gaining hospitals and physician practices in new, less familiar markets. With so many priorities clamoring for a piece of the ever-shrinking margin, how should health systems prioritize where to expend their limited resources first? Healthcare Strategy Group suggests starting with a system-wide primary care […]

Is Your Infrastructure Contributing to Your Physician Network Losses?

Neal Barker, August 2014

Many hospitals and health systems started employing physicians under the premise that if they could run a successful hospital, how hard could it be to run a few practices? What most didn’t anticipate, however, was the growth in physician employment. A few doctors is one thing, a few hundred is another. Many physician networks have […]

Building Your Physician Network’s Culture

Terrence R. McWilliams, August 2014

One of the eight keys to a high-performing physician network, culture is the mortar that holds the group together. To be successful, your group must share a common vision and a culture that defines behavioral norms and encourages teamwork and collaboration. As health systems develop their physician network’s culture, they need to consider two distinct […]

Defining a Comprehensive and Proactive Physician Strategy

Travis Ansel, June 2014

Hospitals and health systems frequently express the same frustrations when discussing their physician strategies: “All we do is respond to what our competitors are doing.” “It’s dictated by what the physicians want and which ones knock on the door.” “It’s too focused on employment and not on aligning incentives.” “We don’t have a systematic approach […]

Has Your Physician Network Outgrown Your Leadership?

Matt Ullum, June 2014

As private practitioners, physicians have a firm grasp on practice operations. However, once employed, many physicians abdicate this responsibility and expect the network management team to do it all. Having the right leadership team in place is key to effectively managing employed physician groups. Dealing with a diverse group of physicians under one roof and […]

A Common Sense Approach to a Viable and Sustainable Physician Network

Jerry W. Haynes, Martin Shehan, June 2014

There are a number of common sense keys to achieving a viable and sustainable employed physician network, but servant leadership is at the heart of them all. Servant leadership engages all levels of the physician network to gain insight and buy-in to difficult decisions. That said, the leadership team must be willing to occasionally place […]

What Your Doctors Need to Know About: The Impact of Reform on Hospitals’ Bottom Lines

David Miller, June 2014

Across the nation, hospital financial performance is weak on average. Rating agencies, such as Moody’s, are citing lower returns and posting a negative outlook for the industry. Why Financial Performance Is Weak In working with our client hospitals, we see a number of reasons for this deteriorating performance: Efforts to better manage care are slowly […]

Get a Handle on Your Physician Agreements

Neal Barker, June 2014

Professional Services Agreements. Call Coverage Agreements. Medical Directorships. Employment Agreements. Co-Management Agreements. If you’re having trouble keeping track of all your physician arrangements, you’re not alone. Over the past year and a half, Healthcare Strategy Group has worked with several hospitals and health systems that retained us to help them “get a handle” on all […]

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